Key Signs you need to look into Media Destruction

Not every business is one that needs to have access to tools for destroying hard drives and other types of media. Sometimes, this kind of gear is just a waste of money but there are a few key signs that you need to look into this type of equipment. If you suspect that your business needs this then you have come to the right place. If your business is a match for the signs below then you are almost certainly someone who needs to look into investing in media destruction.

1. You have lots of confidential information stored on your hard drives

If you have a lot of old hard drives with a load of personal information stored on them then this is a key sign that you need to invest in media destruction ASAP. If you have a collection of old hard drives with either your information or old client files (credit card numbers, addresses, etc.) then the best way to make sure there isn’t an issue is to destroy those hard drives. It’s all well and good to say that you’re going to safely store away a hard drive and nobody will use it but anyone could end up digging through your things to find that drive and then you or your clients’ information could easily be compromised and there will be nothing you can do about it.

2. You don’t have enough storage space

The obvious reason to get rid of your old drives via their destruction is to free up space. You can’t just keep every hard drive you ever use forever and if you try then you will eventually run out of space for those drives to be kept in. If you have a large collection of old drives that you never use and need more space then destroying some of these old drives you never use is an excellent way to free up some space.

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Data Crushers: The Only Way To Be Sure

Sometimes it is hard to tell which reaches its expiration date sooner, a gallon of milk or a computer.  When it comes to operating systems upgrades, hardware, or even just the machine wearing out over just a few years of continuous use, computers always seem to be in need of refresh.  Many of these parts can be re-purposed on other machines, since monitors, keyboards, and other peripherals are durable and interchangeable.  But what about the storage devices on these machines?  Surely hard-drives can be swapped into other machines, right?

The answer to that question is absolutely not!  Hard drives, flash drives, and other storage media are a potential Achilles’s Heel when it comes to data security.  With just some basic know-how, and the right program, even an “erased” hard drive can be recovered, exposing all secured information to whomever is clever enough to dig for it.  It really doesn’t take too much cleverness to recover files that have been “deleted.”  In reality, the stops that have been created by the systems unit on the hard drive platter have just been ignored by the computer whenever something is deleted.  The information is still there, the code and all the data existing as little magnetically raised areas on the surface of the platter.  It hasn’t gone anywhere, unless you have a program that knows what to look for.

Data crushers, like the Phiston MediaVise HDD Destroyer is a hands-off approach to getting the job done.  Hard drives are simply fed into the device, and 40,000 lbs of pressure is applied to the drive.  In less than a minute, the drive is crushed, the read heads are mangled, and the platter is completely destroyed. The crushed drive is collected in a bin at the end of the process, ready to dispose of safely without potential injury to the operator (due to sharp edges which may be created during the process).

If you would like to know more about Phiston’s other crushers and hard drive destroyers, contact us today.  The only way to be sure your data is kept safe in expired technology is through a media destroyer.

Key Signs That You Need to Invest in Media Destruction

Not every business needs to invest in professional hard drive destruction or destruction of other types of media. However, if you suspect your business may need to, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will go over three key signs that you need to invest in media destruction for your business. 

  1. You Have a Lot of Confidential Information on Your Old Hard Drives: From passwords to banking information, if you have any sort of confidential or sensitive information on old hard drives, you will absolutely need to invest in professional media destruction services. If you have sensitive client information on those hard drives, the best way to protect them and you is to have old hard drives immediately and securely destroyed. When proper destruction of old hard drives does not occur, you and your clients are left in a vulnerable position (and you could have a serious legal problem on your hands).
  2. You Have a Bunch of Old Hard Drives You Don’t Know What to do With: Whether your are a small, local business or a large corporation, one of the most disastrous things you could do is leave a bunch of old, unsecured hard drives just laying around your business headquarters. This invites breaches of privacy and could ultimately destroy your business. If you have old hard drives you haven’t disposed of yet, call up a professional service to take care of them for you. 
  3. You’re Running Out of Office Space: Just like old paper documents, old hard drives and outdated software can take up space in your business headquarters. If you find yourself in a disorganized mess with old hard drives taking up space, call a professional media destruction service. Once you’ve gotten the hard drives out of your office, you’ll instantly have more space and greater peace of mind knowing sensitive data is properly disposed of.

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3 Ways Professional Hard Drive Destruction Benefits Your Business

f you are a business owner with sensitive records and information on your old hard drives, the likelihood that you need to invest in professional hard drive destruction is very high. Using professional services to destroy hard drives isn’t just beneficial to your business, it’s a vital necessity. In this post, we’ll reveal the top three reasons why you should invest in professional hard drive destruction. 

  1. Greater Peace of Mind: If you have confidential paper documents that you securely shred, you will want to do the same for any sensitive information on old hard drives. When you use professional hard drive destruction services, you can have peace of mind knowing your sensitive company and client information is securely and fully destroyed. In 2013, it was reported that there were over 2,100 data breaches that resulted in over 822 million records being exposed. When your old hard drives are destroyed, this kind of breach won’t happen to your business. 
  2. Proper Disposal is a Legal Requirement: If you want to be compliant with legal regulations outlined in FACTA and HIPAA, you are required to properly dispose of any sensitive information. When you use professional services, you are guaranteed that all sensitive information on your hard drive is completely destroyed. This not only keeps your business safe, it keeps you compliant with the law and out of legal trouble.
  3. Professional Data Destruction is Completely Reliable: If you try to “degauss” a hard drive on your own, there is no guarantee that all of the information has been safely destroyed. A study done by MIT recently was able to retrieve over 90% of information off of “degaussed” hard drives. However, when you leave data destruction to the professionals, you can be assured that all sensitive information has been completely destroyed. 

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A hard drive crusher good enough for the NSA

Information is a valuable commodity when it comes to just about any aspect of our lives.  The current era is often called the “Information Age,” a term which not only reflects the use of data but also our dependence on it.  From personal information such as Social Security numbers, bank account information, or any variety of information you might not think is critical, there is a good chance it is still considered valuable in the wrong hands.  Identity theft might not seem as scary as other types of theft, such as burglary or mugging, but anyone who has been a victim of identity theft has felt no less violated, confused, or angry at having been robbed.  In many ways, it becomes more personal, with the thieves continuing to commit crimes with that person’s identity!  Some of which, unfortunately, the victim might find themselves being investigated for.

When you commit to data security, you are making sure that your clients, employees, and anyone else you serve is being protected.  This is why every detail in information technology management must be considered.  Not only firewalls, encryption, and password protection, but the physical information stored on the drives in your servers and systems units alike.

Phiston Technologies is the leading company for hard drive crushers today.  Each hard drive crusher is built to National Security Agency specs when it comes to the destruction of mountable volumes.  Hard drives, DVD/CD/BluRays, solid state devices such as thumb drives, and everything in between will be rendered into unusable bits and pieces, thanks to compression and carbide steel tipped teeth, which mangle and separate all types of storage media.  Accept no substitute for complete physical destruction when it comes to rendering your storage volumes unable to be used once they are retired.  Demagnetizing, reformatting, breaking, or even burning isn’t enough.

Phiston Technologies provide the best method of complete hard drive destruction available.  Contact us to get started today in protecting your most valued assets.