MediaVise® Rackmount Dual Sanitizer (MVR-DS)

Over the past several years, Phiston Technologies has been the leader in the high security data storage media destruction market. Innovation and creating quality solutions for our clients are the focal points of our success. As such, we are excited to announce one of Phiston’s newest additions in the field of data destruction: The MediaVise Rackmount Dual Sanitizer!

Known as the MVR-DS for short, this revolutionary product will enhance our industry for years to come! Phiston’s Data Destruction solutions continue by creating the first and only Degausser and Media Crusher in one!

Rack-mounted in EIA standard server rack to be compact and portable, it is designed for data center facilities with the need to sanitize media such as: hard disk drives, cell phones, circuit boards, PDAs, magnetic data cartridges before it leaves the secure site.

There is an optional scanner that can be added to the Rackmount Dual Sanitizer’s that assures that the disks are sanitized. This scanning device physically receives and captures disk, scans barcodes, and securely passes the disk to the sanitizing device. The disk will not be logged as sanitized until the sanitizing device has confirmed the sanitization event. This is a hands free and secure operation.


Media Destruction at the Source

The MVR-DS is compact and portable, and designed for facilities such as data centers that need to sanitize media on site, before they leave their secure facility.

Fully automated operation

The MVR-DS is fully automated for ease of use and user safety. There is never any need to handle potentially harmful debris. Dual or Standalone Configurable. The system can be configured has a standalone degausser or dual tier degausser/crusher

First of its kind Touch Screen Display

Advance technology with system information and warnings. A unique feature to measure its field strength and report results to the operator, thus guaranteeing full performance

Product Images

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Product Features
  • Full degauss within 15 sec. thru-put (with fast charging)
  • Mobile or Fixed server rack
  • Dual Tier System timing of Degauss/Crush cycle
  • Magnetic Field: 2.0 Tesla minimum
  • Does not need to be calibrated
  • Highest Standards of Worker and Environmental Health and Safety (OSHA and CEcompliant)
  • HEPA Filtration to trap any airborne debris particles
  • Fully automated, safe, simple hands-free operation
  • Locking Drawer to collect and securely store destroyed media
  • Radio Frequency and Electro-Magnetic Interference abatement
  • Mode setting and options menu
  • Warning messages and fault conditions screen display
  • Optional Security Scanner