Mediadice® SSD Disintegrator-2C (MDS-2C)

Just like Phiston’s MDS, the MDS-2C was designed with offices and data centers in mind. Now, more than ever, the mobility the MDS provides allows data destruction in the work place to be accomplished without sacrificing functionality or convenience. Here’s what we amped up to make the MS-2C the workhorse of the group:



The MDS-2C size is designed for the office and data center so that the SSDs can be destroyed on-site BEFORE they leave the secure facility. The MDS comes standard with casters and leveling feet for mobility and easy installation in limited-access or confined spaces not easily accessible by lifting equipment. The MDS-2C is a high-security knife-mill based disintegrator that sanitizes SSDs. It disintegrates media to particles of 2mm nominal edge length or less which is the standard established by the US National Security Agency for sanitization of SSDs.

Health and Safety

The MDS-2C is designed with safety as a key feature. Allowing hands-free operation maximizes user safety. The pulverized debris accumulates in a sealed, locked HEPA vacuum canister until safely disposed. The HEPA filtration system traps any potentially harmful airborne particulates from the crushing and shattering of circuit boards, electronic components, and silicon-based memory and integrated circuit chips.

Low Noise Level

Noise suppression is less than 80db, which is well below the 85db threshold acceptable to OSHA for the workplace. The MDS-2C can be used in the office or data center, conveniently near the data that needs to be sanitized. The device provides a quiet and safe operation meeting OSHA standards for the workplace.

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Key Benefits
  • New motor/gearbox upgrade with increased torque to destroy Enterprise SSDs.
  • Disintegrates up to 360 to 400 SSDs per hour (1 SSD every 10 seconds) based on standard form factor testing.
  • Cutting-edge knife mill design to ensure pulverization of media to particles less than 2mm x 2mm.
  • New hinged screen design with a new 2mm particle size screen that is thicker/stronger. The new design allows the operator to easily open and safely pivot the screen to quickly inspect the condition. (Important to ensuring that the particles meet the NSA <2mm x 2mm particle requirement.)
  • New larger touch-screen and improved software for enhanced user interface.
  • Larger machine frame with additional cooling fans for improved thermal cooling to better support continuous duty.
  • New larger HEPA vacuum system with increased static pressure/CFM and debris collection capacity.
  • Relocation and greater load capacity of electrical components to avoid increased thermal exposure and provide greater ease of serviceability.
  • New media drop gate to prevent incidental media dropping into the mill chamber when the mill is idle and sealing the cutting chamber to stop debris from escaping thru the media drop chute when the milling is active.
  • Disintegrates entire aluminum and plastic encased SSDs without need to remove casings
  • Cycle counter to track volume of media destroyed and maintenance required
  • Automatic jam detection and shutdown
  • Default lock-out security for any unprocessed media in the machine in case or power interruption
  • EMC, GMA compliant; EM/RF interference suppression
  • OSHA workplace compliant for noise, electrical, mechanical and airborne particulate hazards
Product Features
    With upgrades to the power transmission (5.5 HP to 7.5 HP), mill design, and the installation of hardened tool steel knives, the MDS has been re-designed to handle Enterprise-type SSDs such as the Zeus and Xcel brands. The 7.5 HP motor can destroy most drives from a stand-still start and brings a significant amount of torque to decrease the amount of jam occurrences.
    A new mill box design was implemented that includes four fixed knives versus two fixed knives. The knives (static and rotary) are easy to replace. The screen frame is a robust design with thicker and stronger material to avoid any damage to the screen barrier. The design will only allow 2mm or less particles to evacuate into the vacuum collection chamber. Combined with the 7.5 HP gear motor, this device is truly an industrial strength workhorse that will destroy Enterprise SSDs. The robust MDS-2C will last five times longer than the MDS-1C.
    SSDs can be disintegrated one at a time or in an entire batch. You have the option to feed the SSDs one at a time. The auto loader also features automatic jam detection. There is NEVER a need for removing the SSD cover. The auto-loader is intended for processing SSDs ONLY. Batches of up to 25 1.8 inch and/or 2.5-inch SSDs are stacked into the auto-loader cassette. The cassette is then inserted into the auto-loader compartment where the SSDs are automatically fed and disintegrated one at a time until the entire batch has been processed.
    This device is fully automated, hands-off operation for user safety. Many of the commercial models do not take into consideration of the hazardous debris that results from the hardware destruction. The vacuum system has been updated with a larger vacuum capacity (increased static pressure/CFM, HEPA filtration, and larger debris collection). The touch screen (through a programmed PLC) will provide an alert when the vacuum is full and must be replaced. The system will shut-off automatically until the bag has been replaced. Noise suppression to less than 80db which is well below the 85db threshold acceptable to OSHA for workplace. Therefore, the MDS-2C can safely be used in the office or Data Center, conveniently in close proximity to the data that needs to be sanitized
    The new 2mm particle size screen is mounted on a pivot to allow for easy access and visual inspections. The screen is easily released from its mounting to allow any jammed objects to be safely removed with or without using the unjam handle. The new screen design protects it from damage while unjamming. The right-side service panel has a built-in safety interlock and thumb-screw combination for quick and safe removal to gain access to the screen for easy inspection, clearing of jams, and/or screen replacement.
    A clearer and larger 7-inch screen which displays improved software for an enhanced user-friendly and accurate interface. Simple debris build-up and/or wedged objects can be unjammed using the new easy access unjam handle and hinged screen feature. The new 2-mm particle size screen is mounted on a pivot to allow for easy access and visual inspections. The screen is easily released from its mounting to allow any jammed objects to be safely removed with or without using the unjam handle. The unjam handle provides inertia to the knife mill.