Why two separate Phiston MediaVise Destroyers are needed for HDD and SSD?

Hard Drive vs Solid State Drive Key Features
  • Because of the characteristic physical differences in the architectures of HDDs and SSDs, short of shredding them both to bits in an enormous disintegrator, it is not possible to design a single, practically-sized crushing machine to destroy both types of media to the extent that guarantees that data cannot be retrieved.
  • In a dual purpose HDD/SSD destroyer, unavoidably, there would be tradeoffs in performance of either mode, and/ or the need for adapters that diminish functionality of the ancillary destruction mode.
  • Most of the HDD destroyer simply bends or folds the hard drive and magnetic storage platters. While the HDD may be physically inoperable, large radial sectors on the platters remain intact and any residual data can be recovered using forensic techniques.