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Do you have policies and procedures in place for eData Destruction?

Are they environmentally responsible?

Is your department in compliance with regulations for proper security and destruction of data stored on IT assets and portable data storage devices?

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These are questions any business needs to have answers for. High security data destruction is our principal focus area at Phiston. Our in-house teams of R&D and Design Engineers have produced an array of innovate and forward-looking technologies for the destrcution of data storage media including magnetic computer hard disk drives, solid state storage devices, flash drives , CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray discs, magnetic strip cards, PDAsand cell phones, to name a few.

Phiston Technologies can assist in
  • Reviewing current data destruction policies and procedures
  • Recommending products and procedures to formalize and enhance the process to be used for data destruction
  • Securely destroy your computer hard drives, optical and other electronic data storage media and provide you with certification of destruction.