You Will Not Leave Anything Behind With Hard Drive Destruction Equipment

How many old or unused desktop computers do you have sitting in a storage closet in the workplace? How many laptops in the workplace are no longer being used because they are outdated and not functioning properly? Although the desktop computers and laptops are not currently being used in the workplace, the equipment is still filled with thousands of files. 

Workplace computer hard drives can be filled with a variety of confidential and sensitive information, such as credit card information, banking information, passwords, employee documentation, patient data, and many more. Even if the data on the hard drive has been deleted and the hard drive has been reformatted in an attempt to remove the data, the data can still be accessible.

When you remove digital files and documents from a computer, the information will not automatically disappear. The information will still be on the hard drive. Also, the e-mail messages, browser activity, and other online activity will also remain on the hard drive even after you have deleted them.

While many people will be unable to recover the data on the reformatted hard drive, someone who is determined to recover the information will be able to recover everything that you would not want someone to recover. Hackers have the techniques and resources to recover sensitive and confidential information, and this is why it is important to take the steps to protect your business, your employees, and your customers by properly destroying the hard drives. 

When a hard drive is to be destroyed, the process should go beyond removing files and using a hammer to destroy the drive. In order to properly destroy a hard drive and get rid of sensitive data for good, your business needs to use a process that will ensure data security and compliance. With the right data destruction equipment, you can meet industry standards and regulations. At Phiston Technologies, we ensure our clients that our hard drive destruction equipment will allow you to avoid any risks as you get rid of your old equipment and make the necessary upgrades.

We can recommend the proper destruction equipment based on your needs. Contact us today for more information on our hard drive destruction equipment.

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