You Need Data Crushers, Because There are Sharks in the Water

Have you seen this?

According to ex Apple engineer, Pete Warden:
“By downloading the Google Profile crawling code you can build your own data set, and it’s easy enough to build something similar for Twitter.”

This is quite scary, to say the least. It’s scary on a personal level, yes; but on a business level, it is even more frightening. Every time you or your staff members use a computer, (whether it is your intention to or not), you are compiling information. It’s shocking to think that unless you get rid of it, you’re ultimately compiling this information for, “someone.”
Warden created the Open Heat Map software program, and wrote two books on the subject of mass data collection, “The Big Data Glossary,” and the “Data Source Handbook.”
Warden was planning to release the Facebook information he collected, so that researchers could study it, and he is also working on other projects focused around gathering “public buzz information.” He was also disappointed that he is legally unable to release the Facebook information; though happy that Facebook has an interest in working with people like himself to prevent these types of breaches in the future.
In the day-to-day course of business, sometimes you just want to get rid of old machines that don’t work properly. Or in the midst of many corporate pushes to go green, you might be ready to send used machines in for refurbishing and reselling. However, there are people in the world that would love to gain access the information that is on your old machines.
Just because you have a computer or a printer that is obsolete, doesn’t mean that you can skip the cost using data crushers to thoroughly destroy the information that these machines hold.
In a corporate climate, you have to destroy before recycling. There is a strong reseller’s market for used computers, networking equipment, client systems and other equipment, yes. However don’t let salesmen or politically correct persuaders talk you out of effective data destruction, first. Contact us to get started.

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