A Witness Protection Program For Your Hard Drive

In a CSI world, it’s hard to make things completely disappear. Digital footprints can last for forever, unless you have the right technology to protect your company’s privacy. Identify theft is the number one concern of companies, large and small. Almost daily, a breach of information is in the headlines. Our hard drive eraser is the solution you’ve been looking for to safeguard your company’s information and client details. While it took years to gather your data, it will take our magic eraser only 60 seconds to crush, grind and destroy every readable magnetic surface on your hard drive. Neatly contained in rack mountable system, our eraser is clean and secure for your data room. We use a proprietary and patented process to annihilate your data beyond repair or recognition. Our products meet NSA specifications for Blue Ray, USB, DVD and hard drive destruction. The process can also be applied to a wide variety of smaller electronic devices such as smart phones and SSD cards. The hands off unit contains a collection bin that can hold up to 50 hard drive remains. The crushing plates never need maintenance such as sharpening or replacement. Our product performs equally well in a small office setting or a large data room as it contains noise suppression technology. Additionally, the eraser’s RFI and EMI Suppression help to avoid interference with your other electronic devices. Having an eraser on site eliminates the need to transport your sensitive date to another location where it could potentially be breached before it is destroyed.

You don’t have to have a company barbecue to protect your information any longer, contact us. All your king’s horses and all your king’s men couldn’t put your hard drive back together again once our crusher gets a hold of it. You can sleep well at night knowing that your info can never be retrieved or revived.

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