Why Your Company Needs a Hard Drive Crusher

The amount of personal information that people give up to companies these days is enormous.  From giving their Social Security number to apply for a house loan to imputing their credit card number on their favorite shopping website, people trust businesses with their personal information more than they ever have before.

On one hand, this is good because it keeps the wheels of commerce turning.  On the other hand, it is risky for businesses because all that private customer information ends up on the business’ computer hard drive and can be retrieved by cyber-criminals who can use it to commit identity theft or other malicious acts.

So how do you ensure that the information on the company’s hard drive does not fall into the wrong hands?   The only way is to completely destroy the hard drive.  This is achieved by using a compact, desktop hard drive crusher. 

How does this work?  It is simple and easy.  The computer hard drive is fed directly into the crusher and in less than a minute, the hard drive is crushed, mangled and discharged into a debris collection bin.   The machine does it all quickly and efficiently.  All personal customer information that was on the hard drive is completely destroyed.

How is this better than just throwing out the hard drive or erasing the data on it?   It’s better because anyone can access the trash and retrieve a hard drive.  Then all they need to do is pop it into their own computer to access the private data.  

Even erasing the information on a company hard drive can leave residual data that anyone with the know-how can retrieve.  This kind of data breach can lead to upset customers and lawsuits.

The only way to safely, securely and completely erase the personal, sensitive information on a company’s hard drive is through the total destruction of the hard drive.    If your company is concerned about protecting sensitive customer or client data, then please contact us.   We have the perfect solution for you.

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