Why You Need a Blu ray Crusher: Advice to Media Producers

Why do media producers need a blu ray crusher? Is this necessary? It is if you want to make sure your productions are yours alone. How many CD’s, DVD’s, and BLU-RAY discs get throw away each year? And how many of those which are lying around in the trash get picked up and taken by people out of curiosity or other reasons? Can you really afford to risk someone stealing your media or ideas if you do this for a living?
Production is hard. It often takes several takes or “burns” to create the perfect blu ray disc for marketing or selling. So you go through several copies before you get it right. Where do those “botched” copies go? Perhaps it was only one error you noticed after you burned a batch, but you have to create one more burn for the final copy. What happens to the other copies? They could be usable by someone else. 
Hollywood producers know this. And they leave nothing to chance. So why should you? Small business owners simply cannot afford the risk of having others come across their media or other sensitive data. What you need is a professional blu ray crusher to ensure the discs are completely eliminated. This way, no traces of your media or original ideas can be resurrected to be used by others who have no rights to do so.
If you are a media producer, or even if you just produce media yourself from your own home for business purposes, here are a few reasons why you need a blu ray crusher:
  1. Someone could copy your original idea from one of your drafts and use it for themselves.
  2. Someone could us individual files from your blu ray that you decided not to use and use the files in their own production.
  3. Someone could misuse your media in inappropriate ways.
  4. You could have sensitive data housed on the discs that would compromise your integrity or the integrity of your business.
  5. Current disc shredders do not completely destroy media.
  6. There may be liabilities associated with other’s sensitive data due to privacy or HIPPA, FACTA laws. 
If you are a business owner,  media producer, or anyone who houses movies, production files, or important client data on blu ray, don’t risk someone getting your old unused discs and using it for their own purposes. Get a professional blu ray crusher who knows this business and completely destroys all traces of your media. Don’t leave anything to chance. Once you throw a disc away, there’s no way to know how or by whom it will be used or abused.
To learn more about how we can help protect your business from liabilities and misuse of media, contact us. We are the media destruction experts and we have your best interests at heart. We are now NSA compliant and we are in the business of protecting your interests and privacy.

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