Why Do I Need Data Security? Phiston Technologies Answers Your Questions

We focus on keeping our business and homes clean, but how many of us really focus on our cyber hygiene? Much like our bodies, homes, and businesses, our cyber security needs routine maintenance to stay healthy. With the threat of over 50 percent of United States businesses in line for a cyber attack, your company can’t afford to go unprotected. Your personal cyber security is equally important and cyber terrorists are active around the world. Hackers can cause your business to lose millions of dollars and jeopardize the credit history of millions of PC users. Learn how PC users can enhance their cyber security with Phiston Technologies resource tools. 

How To Enhance Your Data Security 


When you’re throwing out a bulk of business PC’s to upgrade your office equipment, privacy laws require certain disposal mandates. The Phiston Technologies, MediaVise properly disposes of your business media including your PC, hard drives, CD’s, and more. The MediaVise is a standalone technology tool that crushes your PC with over 40,000 pounds of force. In fact, our technology targets your platters and read drives to ensure they’re permanently discarded to compliment your data security needs. 

Standing at 25″ feet tall and 12″ wide, you’ll never have to worry about a hacker using data recovery tools to restore your business or personal information files. Our hands off experience leaves your hard drive crushed in under one minute. You can trust Phiston with your data security by utilizing technology tools that will completely crush your hard drive. Many businesses don’t understand the importance of cyber security until they’ve been targeted by a hacker, accessed hefty fines for violating non-compliance laws, or public scrutiny. 

How To Become A Phiston Technologies Partner 

Based in Miami, Florida, we’re proud to serve a nationwide audience with easy to use and portable data security technology. We comply with the development standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense’s National Security Agency (NSA). Our technology tools protect your sensitive information and helps your business prevent a data breach. As a minority owned and operated company, we focus on building long-term relationships that are centered around your individual business needs. Don’t jeopardize your business or personal data security. You’re encouraged to contact us at Phiston Technologies for a free demonstration today. 

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