Why Data Crushing Is A “Smart” Investment

Your digital data is there to work for you in so many ways, but can also work against you if it’s not disposed of properly. When given the opportunity data thieves will prey on your personal or business data. In fact, data theft is a global threat. There’s no way of protecting your sensitive data without a permanent destruction solution. Unauthorized users (i.e. hackers) are experienced with unexpected avenues to retrieve your personal or business data. According to Forbes online, “43 percent of small businesses are under the threat of a cyber attack.” 

Why Your Business Should Invest In Data Crushing 

The Federal Trade Commission’s Disposal Rule requires the proper disposal of sensitive information in consumer reports, medical records, and more. In order for your business to be compliant with these laws, data crushing is a great investment. What is data crushing? Phiston Technologies insists “data crushing is likely the most straightforward form of data destruction.” It’s the absolute destruction of your data by crushing or shedding of your data. The advantage is that your business data is completely mangled and can never be recovered by data thieves. Your business can’t afford the liability of company data reaching the wrong hands. Avoid a costly company data breach by utilizing data crushing technology resources. 

Who To Call To Crush Your Fears Of A Cyber Attack 

When a data breach is at hand, Phiston Technologies is your one-stop-shop for cyber security. We’re a leading Miami provider of media destruction. Your data security is our top priority at Phiston Technologies. Our innovative technology like the MediaVise is portable and easy to operate. However, we also offer products that properly disposes your hard disk, SSD, PC, and more. We’re also proud to be an on-site destruction resource. Our elite clientele includes: 

  • Fortune 500 Companies 
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Social Media 
  • Finance 
  • Military 

and more…

We guarantee the hassle-free permanent destruction of your sensitive data. If you’re interested in investing in data destruction according to regulatory standards, you’re invited to contact us at Phiston Technologies. We’re here to crush your doubts about data security. 

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