Which is guaranteed to destroy a hard drive – degaussing or physical destruction?

Most hard drives rely upon magnetic fields to transfer data.  To truly destroy the contents on the drive it’s necessary to either completely destroy the physical device or use a hard drive degausser.
The major problem with hard drive degaussing most people contract out for those services.  In essence, companies with valuable data and information are trusting a stranger to correctly and thoroughly corrupt their hard disk drives.

Does degaussing work?  Absolutely.  When done properly, it’s as effective as physical destruction.  However – the key point is whether or not it was properly executed.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems but ultimately it comes down to which one is guaranteed to give your company results.  Hard disk drives that are simply tossed away or not thoroughly degaussed will retain much of their confidential information.  This allows for unwanted intrusion into account records and may even contain detailed personal information about employees and clients.
Phiston is one of the leading distributors of MediaVise® Compact.  It’s a desktop digital media sanitizer which utterly crushes and destroys hard drives, optical storage devices such as CDs or Blu-Ray discs, and external hard drives.
This device conveniently delivers an astounding 40,000 pounds of force designed to penetrate through to the protected platters of your company’s  computer hard drives. With degaussing methods, there’s always the chance that your hard disk drives were not scrambled thoroughly enough to make data recovery impossible.  Whether the degaussing machinery wasn’t operated correctly or your contracted company neglected to properly use their own equipment – you shouldn’t take chances.  With the MediaVise® Compact – there’s no second guessing.  That information is gone forever and while it is still in your company’s custody.
This is the perfect solution for small to medium sized businesses that want to be able to destroy old hard drives reliably.  It’s affordable and completely guaranteed to macerate.
If your system contains any trace of the following information:

  • Old client records
  • Bank Account numbers or identifying data
  • Personal and employee data
  • Medical records
  • Laboratory notes

Then you should consider the advantages of complete and thorough data disposal with your own MediaVise®.  For a free consultation to discuss the benefits of confidential hard drive and optical drive destruction, contact us today.

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