What’s better than a hard disk eraser?

Each year, millions of computers are retired.  Sometimes their components, such as memory cards, power supplies, and other bits and pieces like fans and cases are recycled by intrepid IT workers.  But a lot of the time, the units are disposed of whole, making their ways into some of the least secure environments on the planet when it comes to data security.  The landfill is not a secure method of containing and erasing data. All it takes is for one unscrupulous person to go dumpster diving, and the entirety of the contents of that hard drive are theirs for the keeping.

Some people might want to keep their information secure, so they use a program that deletes their hard disks, solid state devices, or other storage media.  These methods are no more secure than just throwing a hard disk into the trash can.  All a program does to delete information is to tell the computer operating system to ignore the breaks in the data.  It would be much like removing all the punctuation from a book and telling someone it had been erased.  This is simply not the case.

In order to completely erase and secure the data on a hard disk, you must destroy the physical media of the hard disk itself.  To put it simply, this can be a dangerous undertaking, not to mention without the proper tools it could also be ineffective.  Phiston Technologies specializes in providing a 100% reliable method of destroying a hard disks: the hard disk crusher.  With several to choose from, the method is basically the same.  The hard disk is removed from the computer or server rack and it is fed into a the crusher.  Thousands of pounds of pressure, as well as carbide reinforced teeth puncture and crush the media, mangling it to the point where it could never be read by any device ever again.  The pieces are safely discarded in a collection bin for further disposal. The process also works for cell phones, CD/DVDs, floppy disks, thumb drives, and other SSD cards and devices.

So before you make the mistake of trying any other method of erasing your hard disks, contact us to see how the professionals in data security get the job done.

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