What is the best hard disk eraser?

You might see a lot of products available for fast and reliable data security.  The information you keep on your storage media is crucial not only to the security of your company but also your clients.  Hackers don’t always access your files via the internet, but often in very obvious, physical means.  They will stop at nothing and stoop incredibly low to dig up your information, including the scrap pile.

When companies want to protect their information, they are often putting their data security at risk.  Hard disk erasers are just one of the products available on the market that promise to wipe your physical media clean for either re-purposing or disposal.  The truth of the matter is once the information has been recorded on the physical media of a hard disk, no computer program can erase that data.  Partial information can be retrieved with the right software in the wrong hands.  Even devices that promise to de-magnetize your hard disks are not necessarily that effective.

The best hard disk eraser is a Phiston hard disk destroyer.  By rendering the hard drive into a pile of useless scrap, you are not only saving time wasted on an ineffective method of “wiping” the drive, but also not allowing your information to be recovered in any possible way.  Phiston hard disk destroyers are better than a hard disk eraser, because of the way the media is destroyed.  Through thousands of pounds of pressure, with carbide tipped points, the hard disk is not only pressed and compromised, but also punctured and mangled.  The entire unit goes into the device and comes out in a secured bin for recycling/disposal.  No pieces can be removed during the process and exchanged covertly, giving you no window of opportunity for data thieves to access the storage media platters themselves.  Also, the pieces are safely disposed of without risk to you or your employees.

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