Use a Hard Drive Destroyer to Ensure Your Client’s Security Needs

Nothing stays buried, so they say, and the same is true of your sensitive information.  Even a high-level reformat and overwriting is no guarantee of keeping your information secure.  The storage volume you relied on to hold onto your data might have even failed and since you can’t access the information you might think it would be just as impossible for someone else to harvest your files.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  In the wrong hands, storage volumes that might seem completely useless are just the kind of treasure trove that identity thieves, hackers, and anyone with just enough technical expertise and equipment are looking to get their hands on.

Physical destruction of your storage media is the only sure fire way to guarantee this information stays out of the wrong hands.  The files of your clients, patients, and those who have trusted you with the security of their information are in jeopardy until you make the effort to destroy those files beyond the capabilities of what basic software can provide. Formatting and even relying on physical corruption is never enough.  A hard drive destroyer is the best way to continue to protect your clients. Information is power and you have to assume the role of guardian of the information entrusted to you by others.  Physical destruction, beyond any means of recovery is the only responsible thing to do.

Contact us if you want to continue to protect those who trusted you with their security, their livelihood, their financial information, or even sensitive information regarding their health and welfare.  Otherwise, the information you promised to protect is just ripe for the picking.

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