Total Media Destruction is True Data Security

Information, stored as data, is quickly becoming the World’s most valuable commodity. It is bought and sold, traded, stolen, and in many cases just given away. Recent data breeches have cost corporations billions in market value and actual cash. Everyone seems to understand the value of data yet many do not know how to dispose of it securely. 
A recent study by Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office conducted by the NCC Group revealed a disturbing trend. As part of the study the NCC Group purchased hard drives, USB sticks, and cell phones from typical places like online auction sites. These devices were then carefully examined in search of private data. 
According to the report, 11% of the hard drives still contained private data while fully 37% contained data not deemed private. The private data included passports, birth certificates, bank statements, employee files, tax information, and medical records. This study mirrors a 2009 study conducted by security firm Kessler International that found fully 40% of hard drives purchased on eBay contained private data. 
Banks, credit card companies, utility companies, and even the Democratic Party have had sensitive data show up on used hard drives and storage devices. No one purposely shares this information so what is wrong? Carelessness is one answer. Often times, the person disposing of the sensitive media has no idea what data it contains. More commonly, the user believes they have ‘erased’ the data before it goes to disposal. This is a critical error. 
Your data is priceless and the only secure way to dispose of hard drives, USB sticks, SSDs, and even optical disks, is total media destruction. This is Phiston Technologies sole focus, making products for crushing, mangling, and rendering unreadable all of your data storage media leaving it discharged and data safe. 
Phiston Technolgies’ clients include data giants like Facebook and Twitter, and clients with some of the most sensitive data of all like the FDIC and The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center. To join these companies in safe media disposal contact Phiston Technologies today. 

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