Three Overlooked Data Security Threats

Data breaches often occur from overlooked security threats. If all of your efforts are focused on hardening your networks against online hackers, then your data breaches will likely occur elsewhere. There are many ways that cyber criminals can get to your data. This is why a robust defense requires a broader approach to data security that encompasses all probable threats, including these three frequently overlooked ones:

Out of Date Browsers

Your Internet browser is a potential security weakness if you’re using an outdated version. New versions are often released in order to patch up recently discovered or exploited security vulnerabilities. An outdated browser risks infection of your computer, which may introduce malware into your network and endanger your data.

No browser is exempt from this risk. In fact, a browser’s popularity makes it a favorite target for cyber criminals. Most popular browsers have had to patch previous security issues. In addition to keeping your browser current, make sure your browser’s settings don’t increase performance at the expense of security. Finally, keep your browser plugins and extensions up to date.

Personal Device Use

Employees are increasingly using their own computing devices at work. While this practice is convenient and can improve efficiency, it also makes data security more difficult. The devices themselves could endanger your network security because of infections or inadequate firewall and anti-virus protection. These devices, which may contain sensitive data, can be misplaced or stolen outside of work.

Improper Hard Disk Disposal

For most people, trash has little intrinsic value, and no thought is given to its theft. However, if it includes the hard disks of old computing equipment, valuable and possibly sensitive data about trade secrets, employees, and customers can find its way into the hands of criminals.

File deletion does not remove the information from the drive, and data-recovery technology can readily extract information from intact as well as the most damaged of hard disks. Placing old hardware into a closet or old storage room is also risky. These places have minimal (if any) security, and expose your valuable business data to easy theft.

Attempting to destroy hard disks using improvised methods can be dangerous, ineffective, or an inefficient and time wasting operation. It requires specialized equipment designed specifically for this task. Phiston Technologies’ has introduced innovative and patented data destruction products. To learn about our hard drive destruction equipment, contact us today.

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