Three Hard Drive Destruction Myths

There are a few common myths surrounding the topic of hard drive destruction. Many people still believe that destruction methods such as using magnets, formatting, and recycling hard drives will be enough to destroy data. However, these methods could still leave your business data at risk. Learn more about these myths below.

Myth #1: Magnets

Many people are still under the impression that placing magnets on a hard drive will do enough damage to wipe out data. Many hard drives have magnets inside of them to help read and write data. Therefore, regular size magnets will have no effect on a hard drive.

Myth #2: Formatting

Simply formatting a hard drive does nothing in terms of completely destroying data. With the right software program, sensitive data is recoverable. A malicious user could recover credit card numbers, medical records, and other personal data.

Myth #3: Recycling

If you rely on a service to recycle your hard drive, you are placing your data at risk. You cannot be 100% certain that the service will wipe your data properly. A random person could end up purchasing your recycled hard drive only to find your confidential information on it.

Do not risk leaving sensitive data on your hard drives by using ineffective methods such as those listed above. The most effective way to destroy a hard drive is to physically destroy it. Crushing and destroying platters and read heads of the drive ensures that your hard drive is unreadable.

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