The Rise and Rage of Data Breaches

Employee information, receipts, credit card transactions, customer information, healthcare forms, and so much more. Information from these types of documents can be stored on hard drives in numerous machines in your office. However, if a hacker or identity thief comes in contact with any of this information, it will be like unlocking a treasure chest. 

If you just delete the information from the device before getting rid of it, the information will be gone forever, right? Wrong. When you delete files from the hard drive, this does not mean your files will completely disappear. Deleting the file just gets rid of the road that leads to the file.

You would be surprised at how many hard drives have been found that still consisted of sensitive information. It is not difficult for someone to get their hands on software and tools that will allow them to retrieve the sensitive information that was left on the hard drive. One person can get their hands on a hard drive and release information that one person thought was gone forever.

If you really want to protect sensitive information, we recommend that you consider destroying the hard drives. One of the main reasons hard drives are destroyed is to prevent the computer chips from being retrieved and to prevent the spinning of the hard disk. If you are operating machines that use solid-state drives the chips located inside of the drive will need to be completely destroyed so no information can be accessed.

If you really want to prevent someone from accessing personal information on hard drives, destroying the hard drive will be your best option. Before getting rid of any machines in the workplace, do not forget to remove the hard drives so they can be properly destroyed. Phiston Technologies uses various hard drive destroyers. Each destroyer has been designed to perform effective data destruction. 

The next time you are preparing to remove information from a device, we want you to remember that simply hitting the Delete key will not remove the information permanently. Choosing the right data destruction equipment provider can ensure that you will not have to worry about compliance regulations and other laws. At Phiston Technologies, we offer a secure and verifiable solution to destroy sensitive documents.

If you want to ensure you follow the regulations and have peace of mind in knowing your confidential information will not land in the hands of someone with wrong intentions, contact us today for more information. 

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