The MediaVise Compact is now NSA approved

News about the constantly developing battlefield of cyber warfare sometimes verges on an apocalyptic scene from a horror movie, threatening the unprecedented vulnerability of millions of people’s sensitive information.   Knowing this, it makes sense for companies to invest some money into making sure that the system they use is well-protected, so that all of the sensitive information that is stored on computers is not left unguarded, able to fall into the hands of those who would misuse it.  However, it is vital to protect your computers not only while they are being used, but to ensure that the information on them cannot be stolen by anyone after you’re done with the computer.  You wouldn’t dream of leaving the doors unlocked and sensitive files open on your computer for someone to walk in and take, and in the same way, it would be foolish to dispose of a computer that had information left on it in a potentially readable format.
To prevent anyone from gleaning sensitive information from discarded hard drives, the National Security Agency (NSA) has implemented standards for destroying data to render it unusable.  Whether your company is required to meet these standards, or simply wishes to provide good service to your employees and customers by demonstrating fastidious concern to protect their valuable information, it’s wise to look into how your data destruction can achieve the NSA’s world class level of security.  
The MediaVise Compact is the first hard drive destruction device to be NSA approved.  Conveniently sized to fit unobtrusively in an office setting, this device employs hydraulic pressure to apply a massive amount of force to a hard drive — 40,000 pounds of pressure, which is over double what other machines on the market can deliver.  This force effectively warps and mangles your old hard drives, leaving the data on them truly unreadable and giving you peace of mind.  The MediaVise Compact delivers these results quickly and reliably; it is capable of destroying one hard drive in 30 seconds and up to 90 one-inch hard drives in only an hour.  It has been carefully engineered to make your job of data protection, including hard drive destruction, as easy as possible, keeping you ahead of data pirates.
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