The Importance of Proper Hard Drive Destruction

Information security is one of the most important and challenging aspects of modern business. An often overlooked aspect of information security is the disposal of digital media in a proper manner. Old hard drives will retain the information, and throwing a computer in the garbage will not make data disappear. Despite numerous advancements in the field of information security, from firewalls, data encryption, or even private networks, digital information is never one-hundred percent safe. Mismanagement of information, malicious hacking attempts, or even disgruntled employees can cause a data breach, which can lead to extraordinary costs.

A Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

There is only one surefire way to ensure that the data is erased for good, and that is the physical destruction of information storage devices known as hard drives, also known as HDDs. Physically crushing an HDD makes anything stored on it completely unreadable, and no amount of effort can salvage media of any kind once that happens.

Destroying the small metal box inside of a computer might seem like a simple enough task, and anyone with a hammer might attempt to smash it a few times and assume they’ve done the job. This method is ineffective, often leaving information behind that can be found and read. Safety is another concern, as small bits of the internal components can go flying and cause injuries.

Effective Destruction is Key

Phiston Technologies is a leading research, development, engineering and manufacturing company that has designed several machines to ensure the destruction of your digital media. Hard drive crushers such as the MediaVise® HDD Destroyer can deliver 40,000 pounds of destructive force to an HDD, crushing it and rendering it unreadable. The process is safe and completely hands-free. The MediaVise® SSD Destroyer is designed to demolish solid-state drives, known as SSDs. It uses interlocking metal teeth to crush, puncture, and mangle the ceramic storage chips, making the SSD completely unreadable.

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