The importance of having a hard drive crusher

Today’s business owners understand the importance of shredding old data to prevent it from getting in the wrong hands…which is why CD’s, flash/USB drives, and other removable media is often crushed at appropriate intervals. But did you know that it’s just as imperative to have a hard drive crusher as well? Here’s a list of reasons why it’s important to have a hard drive crusher…and, more specifically, our MediaVise® hard drive crusher:

  • It’s in compliance with the NSA’s “degauss and destroy” standards, and more specifically, the “destroy” part (which takes care of not only the magnetic part that needs to be demagnetized, but also the physical part which renders the data irretrievable and unreadable).
  • If your company has access to classified or other sensitive information (such as those covered by the HIPAA and FACTA laws), crushing the hard drive will not only protect the customers, but keep you in compliance with those laws.
  • Most of all, crushing a hard drive will prevent the inevitable data breach — information cannot be misused, because it’s being kept out of the wrong hands. Intellectual property cannot be stolen, because the source drive is completely destroyed in the crushing process.

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