Technologies For Responsible Data Protection

The leakage of personal information that finds its way into the hands of criminals is increasingly becoming a norm. It is often perplexing when organizations realize that unknown persons have access to the personal details they hold, and this can lead to a lawsuit against such firms.

As authorities seek to enforce laws to control and limit access to personal information, embracing the following technologies will prepare you for responsible data protection for the future.

Application-level Encryption Protection of sensitive data at every tier in the storage and computing stack is critical in data protection and is only possible through fine-grained encryption policies. Application-level encryption facilitates data encryption before you commit and store it at the database level, within the app itself.

That happens during the data generation and processing stages. Only authorized app users can access this kind of information.

Cloud Data Protection (CDP) Security, compliance, and privacy concerns are the primary factors affecting cloud adoption. Embracing this technology will eliminate these concerns and offers protection from government surveillance intrusions as well. That is because the encryption of sensitive information happens before it passes on to the cloud, with the enterprise maintaining the keys.

Data Access Governance As the volume of the data you are handling increases, you need to find ways to identify sensitive data and clean up data access permissions, to maintain least privileges. Data access governance is a tool that offers you that level of visibility, for effective management of data access permissions.

Through this application, you can also automate the challenge of addressing data protection to scale. Contact us today for more information.

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