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Why You Should Destroy Unused Optical Discs

While optical media has taken a back seat to cloud storage, it’s still a major security risk. That’s why you should seriously consider destroying any recordable CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Rays that you don’t need anymore. Why Optical Media is a Security Risk The very thing that’s made optical media such a convenience is what makes […]

Our Media Destruction Process: Properly Destroying Equipment

The realm we have been operating in for a few months is still leading to uncertain times. During these times, we have been monitoring the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape. From when we were first introduced to the life-changing pandemic known as coronavirus or COVID-19, it has taken us from a few posts, commercials, and emails […]

The Importance of Media Destruction and the Fallacy of Soft Deletion

Modern file systems and storage hardware are excellent at storing data. All of them excel at grabbing and holding sensitive files, as they have been designed to do. Their ability to keep information secure for longer is constantly improving. However, in the time spanning from punch cards to SSDs, very little has improved in their […]

Sufficient Destruction of Computer Storage Media

Stealing private computer data which is stored on various types of media, used by various kinds of businesses, has become a favorite pastime for highly intelligent thieves called computer hackers. They are typically born computer-savvy and it, therefore, requires no special stretch of knowledge in order for this elite breed of computer users to get […]

Media Destruction: How Will You Destroy Your Media?

At Phiston Technologies, we have heard numerous stories about businesses and organizations knowingly or unknowingly failing to properly destroy media, hard drives, and other storage devices. Some of the stories include businesses and organizations having to pay a significant amount of money in fines and other fees due to their failure to properly destroy the […]