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Hard Drive Destruction: Make Your Data Unrecoverable

In today’s world, many businesses and organizations are still using hard drives to store sensitive and confidential information. Businesses and organizations cannot sit back and overlook the protection of the critical information they gather on a daily basis. Businesses and organizations collect information from customers, clients, employees, and others.  Businesses and organizations continue to be […]

Hard Drive Destruction: Permanently Destroy Data

We are living in an age where there are constant wordily cyberattacks and data breaches. With so many attacks taking place on a yearly basis, digital security continues to be a major concern for individuals, businesses, and organizations across the globe. In order to be effective, one’s security strategies and procedures need to have the […]

Professionally Destroy Your Hard Drives To Protect Information

The secondary memory storage device on your computer is known as the hard disk. If you do not have the hard drive, your computer system will not be able to function the way it was intended to function. The computer stores all the data on the hard drive. The hard drive on your computer will […]

Does Erasing Your Hard Disk Keep the Data Safe?

Do you trust software wiping to keep your data out of the wrong hands? If you are only using software to erase or wipe your hard disks and storage media, the data may still be recovered with the right tools and experience. Phiston Technologies’ data destruction solutions offer physical destruction of storage media that meets […]

Why Your Company Needs a Hard Drive Crusher

The amount of personal information that people give up to companies these days is enormous.  From giving their Social Security number to apply for a house loan to imputing their credit card number on their favorite shopping website, people trust businesses with their personal information more than they ever have before. On one hand, this […]