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Maintain Data Security By Shredding Your Hard Drive

Whether you are part of a large business or a small business that needs to get rid of old devices or if you need to have a server shut down, it is critically important that all of the hard drives are destroyed in the proper way. Every year we read countless stories and watch news […]

Hard Drive Crushers: Do Not Allow Your Data To Be Recovered

When there are conversations about data security and the destruction of hard drives, there are always various questions and misinformation floating around. The incorrect information and the unanswered questions can lead to sensitive data being exposed. Even after many businesses and organizations make several attempts to wipe their hard drives and other equipment clean, data […]

The Importance of Proper Hard Drive Destruction

Information security is one of the most important and challenging aspects of modern business. An often overlooked aspect of information security is the disposal of digital media in a proper manner. Old hard drives will retain the information, and throwing a computer in the garbage will not make data disappear. Despite numerous advancements in the […]

Why You Should Consider Investing In a Hard Drive Destroyer

Every business or organization has lots of data stored its computers’ hard drives. Just a single hard drive can contain hundreds of sensitive financial information, email messages, social security numbers, medical information, customer information and more. This means that when you finally decide to get rid of your no longer functional computer or laptop, destroying […]

What is the best hard disk eraser?

You might see a lot of products available for fast and reliable data security.  The information you keep on your storage media is crucial not only to the security of your company but also your clients.  Hackers don’t always access your files via the internet, but often in very obvious, physical means.  They will stop […]