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Securing Your Information With Data Destruction Technology

Over the years, there has been a large amount of misinformation floating around about destroying data or wiping data on hard drives. If you do not want to accidentally hand over your company’s data or your employees’ and customers’ personal and confidential information to a competitor or a criminal, there are some important things you […]

Mitigate The Risks With Proper Data Security Measures

The importance of proper and secure data destruction and IT asset disposal have grown significantly due to the various industry concerns during the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 continues to trigger major changes in the way we work and conduct business. There has been an increase in remote working and remote learning. More virtual meetings and conference […]

Do You Have A Data Destruction Plan?

When drafting your cybersecurity strategy, it is important to remember your old hard drives. Your old hard drives can still pose a dangerous threat regardless of how old your hard drives are. Every computer and multifunction printer you have in your workplace will have a hard drive that has sensitive and confidential data.  The data […]

Physical Data Destruction: Protection From Data Breaches

The physical destruction of data involves destroying any data that has been stored on hard drives and other forms of electronic media. When physical data destruction takes place, anything that has been stored on the drives will not be readable or accessible by anyone, especially those who want to use the data for unauthorized purposes.  […]