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Do You Have A Data Destruction Plan?

When drafting your cybersecurity strategy, it is important to remember your old hard drives. Your old hard drives can still pose a dangerous threat regardless of how old your hard drives are. Every computer and multifunction printer you have in your workplace will have a hard drive that has sensitive and confidential data.  The data […]

Data Security Remains Essential

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unimaginable time for families, entire communities, businesses, and the world as a whole. One of the things we want you to know is that Phiston Technologies will be committed to keeping your data as safe and secure as possible.  Unfortunately, hackers and data thieves are using this pandemic to […]

Why Your Company Needs a Hard Drive Crusher

The amount of personal information that people give up to companies these days is enormous.  From giving their Social Security number to apply for a house loan to imputing their credit card number on their favorite shopping website, people trust businesses with their personal information more than they ever have before. On one hand, this […]

Data Security: Secure Data Disposal

Computers, hard drives, and other equipment that have been used heavily in a protected and confidential environment will eventually have to be removed responsibility at some point. Even if you have plans to transfer the data on the equipment from one device to another or place it on a storage device, those drives will need […]