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Key Signs That You Need to Invest in Media Destruction

Not every business needs to invest in professional hard drive destruction or destruction of other types of media. However, if you suspect your business may need to, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will go over three key signs that you need to invest in media destruction for your business.  […]

Blu ray destroyer offers ultimate data destruction

The problem with storing electronic records is the industry is getting better and better at it. Yes, this is a problem because when it comes time to destroy those records beyond recovery, the task is harder than ever. The blu ray disc offers a tremendous amount of storage in a medium that is incredibly tough. It’s so […]

Use Our Blu-Ray Crusher to Ensure Disks are Never Read Again

For many years, technology has focused on providing more ways to save data and pass it on. This has made things much more convenient for people trying to do these things, and that’s fine when the information is needed. When it’s time to get rid of it, however, it’s a much different matter. It can […]