Be Sure That Sensitive Data Is Gone, Use a Hard Disk Crusher

Data is the modern currency. Every company, large or small, deal in terabytes of sensitive information. This information must be protected because if it leaks then that can spell disaster for both customers and employees.

Why Should I Destroy My Hard Drive?

What makes hard drives convenient is also what makes them dangerous.

An index file on the hard drive stores a listing where the actual file is located. When you delete a file the index is deleted but the file remains. This is very helpful if your computer malfunctions because you will not lose the file. On the other hand, it allows individuals with malicious intent to view anything that they please if they get their hands on your hard drive.

This may allow cyber criminals to access;

  • Bank account information
  • Social Security information
  • Sensitive pictures or videos

Anything that is on your hard drive is fair game to a hacker.

How Should I Destroy My Hard Drive?

Erasing or destroying a hard drive is not a simple procedure. Many people have been victimized by cyber-criminals after they thought they had erased or destroyed everything.

If the hard drive is physically intact, and often when it isn’t, there is a chance that the information remains. That is why a professional hard drive destruction company provides a valuable service to individuals and businesses both large and small.

Companies like Phiston Technologies specialize in hard drive destruction. Their focus is high security data storage media destruction. The U.S Pentagon recommends that businesses physically destroy their hard drives before they dispose of them. Innovative data destruction companies have made this process simple and efficient with portable, yet powerful, methods.

The only way to be sure that the potentially dangerous data is gone is to see the hard drive physically mangled. We live in a world where thieves often have the upper-hand. Data destruction companies have become a powerful tool for the honest.

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