Solid State Data Destruction Done Right

For many years, professionals thought degaussing was an effective way to destroy data on solid state devices. However, though degaussing can damage some SSD data irrevocably, you can’t rely on it to destroy all the data on a device.

Degaussing works by damaging the data on the magnetic strip of solid state devices. The simplest examples of these devices would be audio and video cassettes most popular in the 80s and previous decades. Some of these storage devices were even reusable after degaussing and degaussing destroyed all or most of the data on these antiquated storage devices. However, on modern SSDs, this is not the case.

When it comes to modern SSDs, data removal is challenging. Experts have learned that along with degaussing, overwriting is also not 100% effective. In addition, when it comes to built-in erase commands, some manufacturers apply them consistently and correctly; others don’t.

Effective Solid State Data Destruction

Many people recommend degaussing along with complete device destruction because, (depending on your disintegrator of choice), even after a device is shredded, data sometimes still exists on the small shreds. Degaussing will damage most of this data since the magnet damages both the storage and background (servo control) storages. However, this is not the case with all data destruction devices. At Phiston Technologies, our devices can destroy your SSDs with physical force alone.

If the SSD you need to wipe clean has secure data on it, the National Security Agency recommends that you destroy SSDs to less than a 2mm particle size. You must also use a NSA/CSS evaluated disintegrating device.

Data destruction is relatively simple for small thumb drives. However, for larger devices, it’s important that you open the device flat so that every part of the SSD will disintegrate. Remove the boards and the chips and disintegrate them separately. Experts recommend mixing the items with some leftover newspaper for disintegrating and to destroy the SSDs as you’re done using them. Don’t let them build up so that you have to destroy many devices at once.

If you’ve been relying on overwriting or degaussing, it’s time to take a more proactive approach to SSD destruction. Keep your business data secure and rest easy. Contact us today at Phiston Technologies to learn more about our line of powerful SSD destroyers.

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