Why solid state data destruction is considered so controversial

Solid State Drives (SSD), have become prevalent in the technology world. They can be found in servers, PCs, tablets, USB drives and most types of computing devices today. SSD drives have faster data storage, retrieval, and response rates than traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

SSDs have no moving parts which makes their operation much safer regarding storing data. HDD have several platters and reading devices, called heads, that move over the platters to find the data. These heads occasionally get out of alignment and “crash” into the platter damaging it and making data in those spaces unreadable.

Eventually, every device gets old and needs to be replaced. Both SSDs and HDDs need to be cleaned and or destroyed. Best practice in the destruction of data drives recommends that you wipe the drive and then physically destroy it. Wiping SSDs using traditional methods is not always adequate.

Physical destruction of the drive is the recommended method for SSD devices. However, because of their different composition and storage methodologies, not all physical means of destroying SSDs are adequate to ensure data cannot be retrieved if a large enough piece of the drive remains.

Phiston Technologies has a solution. The MediaVise Compact V-Spike SSD Destroyer is specifically designed to address the specialized needs of SSD destruction. Like other products in the MediaVise line, the V-Spike uses 40,000 pounds of pressure to crush the SSD. The plates that crush the hard drive are equipped with arrays of interlocking razor sharp teeth made from hardened steel. The crushing process will yield up to 187 piercings of the SSD media puncturing the memory chips and controller. (The controller is a key device in an SSD drive since it determines and records the storage locations of the data).  While this is taking place, the V-Spike delivers an electrical charge to the components of the media to disrupt and corrupt the memory chip and controller on the drive to add an extra level of protection to the destruction process.

As with other products in the MediaVise line, Phiston continues to make worker safety a priority. The V-Spike is completely hands off in operation thus reducing the possibility of injury during the destruction process. It is equipped with a HEPA filtration system to prevent the release of harmful particulates that may be released during the destruction process. The built-in noise suppression system keeps volumes well below the OSHA acceptable rate of 85db.

The MediaVise Compact V-Spike SSD destroyer is designed to be used in your server room. The small footprint allows it to be placed on a table or desk. This ensures that you can destroy SSDs before leaving your secure location, eliminating any concerns about chain of custody for your data. Visit us today to see the entire line of disk destruction equipment designed for your use.

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