Solid State Data Destruction

Solid State Drives operate differently than older Hard Drives. Where older drives used magnetic storage to store information, SSD devices store their data digitally. Completely wiping an SSD drive to the same level as an HDD device is not possible because of the differences in storage methodology.

Companies that retain confidential data are regulated by multiple laws that require that data to be secured forever. What do you do when your device is at the end of its life and you cannot ensure deletion of the data from the device it is stored on?

Phiston Technologies has multiple solutions to aid you in this endeavor. Their product line includes hard drive destroyers for many types of storage devices. Let’s take a look at the MediaVise Compact V-Spike. Like many of the hard drive destruction devices available from Phiston, the V-Spike begins with the capability to crush media devices such as USB Drives, Smart Phones, SSD drives and traditional HDD drives.

The V-Spike delivers 40,000 lbs of force to crush the media that needs destruction. In addition to crushing the drive, it can pierce the material up to 187 times destroying it even further. The device controller, which is critical to the operation of the drive, and the memory chips are punctured and serrated to ensure that they become unusable.

To further ensure that some dedicated information thief cannot reassemble any parts of the destroyed device, the V-Spike will send electrical jolts through the media to disable all the electronic components in the memory chips and controllers further rendering them inert and incapable of use.

The V-Spike series comes in two configurations. One is rack-mountable for use within a secure server room or data center. The other is a compact version suitable for desk or table use in areas where space is limited. Both versions allow you to be in total control of the destruction process because the media never leave your possession intact. This removes concerns regarding change of custody and the integrity of a salvage vendor. You are able to certify the destruction of the media without the use of a third party.

The ease of operation of the V-Spike series is as simple as all Phiston hard drive destroyers. Simply open the device, drop in the selected media, close the device and turn it on. The safety features of this series prevent injuries to hands and include HEPA filtration to trap airborne particles. Noise suppression is a standard feature to maintain OSHA standards.

If you are looking for a way to destroy multiple types of devices that use solid state storage please visit us today to learn more about our V-Spike line and several other industry leading methods of data destruction.

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