A Solid Case for Solid-State Data Destruction

When it comes to data storage, solid-state drive technology is among the oldest and traces its roots back to the early 1950s, PCMag reported. For decades, however, it remained on the fringes of data storage, occasionally finding a home in niche industrial companies or military installations, but generally did little but wait for the advances that would bring its huge potential into mainstream accessibility. Nearly ten years after solid-state drives were introduced to consumers worldwide, they have become the go-to option for fast, safe data storage. Why? Because they are so sturdy.

No one wants to show up to a business meeting and discover their presentation is gone or lose the admissions information for every applicant with names “G” through “L” because their external hard drive tipped over. In a society where information is life and losing it can be death, sturdy solid-state drives are a must.

Misplacing the information can be every bit as bad as losing it, though. Sometimes it seems like there is no good way to dispose of the solid-state drives after the information is no longer needed. You can’t just toss them, because one of their main selling points is that won’t destroy them, but you can’t leave them lying around to clutter up your work or storage space either.

Phiston Technologies understands not only the need for that sturdy storage, but also that properly disposing of it is important, making them the leading name in solid state data destruction. Because of the fundamental design differences between hard drives and solid-state drives, disposing of them requires innovative thinking. Phiston Technologies offers a variety of safe, easy-to-use machines for every solid-state disposal need–from an office to a server farm–and every machine is up to NSA specifications.

The need for sturdy data storage won’t go away anytime soon and neither will the need for reliable drive disposal. For more information about the full range of Phiston Technologies solid-state and hard drive destroyers, contact us.


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