Smart Business Investments: Data Security and Data Destruction

Investing in top-notch data security is very important to the future operation of any business, large or small. Established business as well as small startups should have plans for securing data and properly destroying devices that hold sensitive and confidential information.

A data security failure can very well lead to a complete destruction of a business. An illuminating example is the sudden demise of Code Spaces, an Amazon-hosted data platform with a proven record of data security. Hackers deleted nearly all of its customer data and ruined any credibility the company had up to that point.

Code Spaces management received a message informing them of the intrusion into the company’s Amazon Web Service account and seizure of its control panel. The hackers demanded a ransom for relinquishing their hold on the company. When these demands were not met, the hackers began deleting virtual devices necessary for data retention. In the span of twelve hours, a thriving data storing service with a solid data security system disintegrated into a defunct business that was just scrambling to achieve some level of damage control.

The events surrounding Code Spaces strongly express the need for a data security investment for nearly any business. Most companies have data that criminals would love to acquire, such as customer or client information, company plans, and electronic blueprints. While many hacks are high technology assaults, some data theft is accomplished simply by rummaging through a company’s garbage and recycling bins.

Businesses and individuals experience data security issues whenever a computer or other data device is discarded unless the device is completely destroyed and the data within it is unrecoverable. While there are several ways to delete information from a hard drive or memory chip, many hackers have ways of restoring that data because the electronic component is functional.

The only way to make sure without doubt that electronic data cannot be recovered is to destroy the device or hard drive. The MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer from Phiston Technologies is a rack-mounted device crusher that delivers 20 tons of pressure to the entire surface of the electronic device, ensuring that the data within it cannot possibly be recovered.

The MVR-HDD operates while emitting barely detectable levels electronic interference due to its heavy steel casing and internal noise and electronic suppression technology. It can be stored and operated in any workplace, office, or server room as it will have no effect on sensitive electronic equipment while in operation.

Devices processed through the MVR-HDD are stored in a secure drawer that can be accessed only by authorized employees, thus adding a higher level of data security and preserving credibility, trust, and operation of a business well into the future.

Please feel free to contact us for more details and benefits of investing in data security with the MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer.

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