Why Simply Erasing a Hard Disk is Not Enough

In an increasingly digital world, data security is becoming more important as predators seek to steal electronic information. Staying on top of the best security practices is important as you can be sure that those with malicious intent are evolving as well. What many people with the exception of computer professionals may not know is that, simply wiping a hard disk clean is not enough to truly protect your data. While this enough to deter the average thief, someone with knowledge and intent will be able to extract that information.

This is why it is so important to adopt the practice of destroying hard disks to protect your sensitive data. As mentioned before, thieves are constantly evolving, creating new methods and technology, and finding new ways to steal information. Erasing software often has exploitable holes, degaussing can be reversed with the right tools, and with enough desire, a bent or poorly destroyed disk can be restored and rendered readable again.

Having the proper tools to thoroughly destroy a hard disk is the best practice for preserving security. Equipment designed by Phiston is intended to do just that. This specifically designed equipment will grind up the disk and it’s components into bits, ultimately rendering it completely unreadable, even to the most practiced hands. While this can be done in other ways, sometimes it’s not foolproof or an employee might simply make a mistake. This is why Phiston’s equipment is simple and easy to use allowing your employees to properly dispose of information without hassle. It’s a surefire way to make sure that you can sleep easily knowing that your data is secure.

To learn more about disk destruction or get a recommendation about equipment to meet your needs, contact Phiston today.

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