Securing Your Information With Data Destruction Technology

Over the years, there has been a large amount of misinformation floating around about destroying data or wiping data on hard drives. If you do not want to accidentally hand over your company’s data or your employees’ and customers’ personal and confidential information to a competitor or a criminal, there are some important things you will need to know about making the confidential information on your hard drives permanently irrecoverable. 

It is important to remember that reformatting the hard drive on your desktop or laptop computer does not mean you have erased the data on those devices. What does reformatting the hard drive do? Reformatting a hard drive basically removes anyon’e ability to see the data and access the data because it clears the File Allocation Table. 

You cannot successfully erase data once it has been stored on a hard drive if you want to continue using that drive. In this case, the only thing you will be able to do is overwrite the data. Data can be erased on Hard Disk Drives by destroying the magnetic fields on the disk. This process is known as degaussing. However, it is important to know that the degaussing process will result in the drive not having the ability to store any type of data.

On the other hand, a Solid State Drive does not have the ability to be degaussed because there are no magnetic fields on these drives. While these drives cannot be degaussed, they can be overwritten, or they can be physically destroyed. If you have made it a priority to permanently get rid of your data and hardware, you will need to use proper data destruction techniques. 

At Phiston Technologies, our hard drive destruction equipment will ensure compliance with the industry’s regulations and best practices for data destruction and data security. Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your data secure.

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