Secure Your Data the Best Way: With a Hard Disk Crusher

Let’s say it’s the era before computers.  You have a filing cabinet full of papers.  Confidential information.  Not only sensitive, but if it got into the wrong hands, it could make a lot of problems for everyone connected to that information.  If you didn’t want that information to ever be used by someone it didn’t belong to, what would be the best way to handle that?  Locking the filing cabinet and throwing away the key?

Absolutely not!

The way data is stored on a hard disk is much the same as that filing cabinet and the paper it contains.  Information is “written” on a magnetized metal disk by creating “stops” which a computer then translates back into viable, readable information.  When a disk is erased, the computer simply removes the ability for a computer to recognize those stops.  New information is added to the metal disk, sometimes being placed on the same area where the old information was, and sometimes not.

This is closer to having a cabinet full of papers that you just rewrite new information over the old. Not even erasing what was there, but simply ignoring it, or writing in a different color ink! It doesn’t take CIA level software to put the stops back into the data either.  Just about anyone can do this.

But like the old tried and true method of shredding those papers and destroying them forever, electronic volumes of media can still be treated the same way.  Contact us if you want to secure your data in the best possible way: by crushing the physical media itself, and making sure no one can ever access your sensitive documents and data ever again.

A hard disk crusher is a permanent solution to a permanent problem.

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