Satisfy Your Hard Disk Erasure Needs With The Help Of Phiston Technologies

Rest assured, how you get rid of your business hard disk is very important to your cyber security. In fact, disposing of your hard disk will also protect the privacy of your customers and must be done in accordance with applicable privacy laws under the Electronics Information Privacy Act (EIPA). Your personal and financial information leave a digital footprint online that’s protected by these laws. Businesses are required to dispose of outdated information and technology in a particular manner that guarantees consumer protection. If these laws are broken, there can be stiff penalties and fines for noncompliance or the disclosure of sensitive personal information. 

   Why Choose Phiston Technologies To Destroy Your Hard Disk?

At Phiston Technologieswe’re the innovators of data security. We understand that your business hosts a myriad of information on their hard drive and we focus on permanently erasing this information with a hard disk data eraser and destruction device such as the MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer. When your business needs to properly dispose of sensitive information like banking information, email addresses, passwords, physical addresses, passwords, and more. You can count on Phiston technology tools to dispose of your hard disk. Data thieves are always creating new ways to recover your sensitive information from discarded or recycled business equipment like PC’s, CD’s, and hard disks. 

  What’s The MediaVise Compact HDD Destroyer? 

The MVC-HDD completely crushes and destroys every inch of your HDD, rendering all data surfaces destroyed. Delivering 20 tons of destruction force, your business can be confident that your HDD’s magnetic data storage platters, controller, and read heads are mangled and unable to ever be retrieved by cyber bullies. The MVC-HDD is perfect for space-limited offices and server rooms. Destroy your hard disk with technologically advanced cyber security equipment from Phiston Technologies with no additional adapters needed. 

When your cyber security is important, you’re invited to contact us at Phiston Technologies to discuss your options today!

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