Who Should Be Responsible for Buying and Maintaining a Hard Drive Eraser?

Throughout our website, we have made one thing clear: for maximum data protection and security, you absolutely need a hard drive eraser. Put simply, your business is in need of making sure that all of its data will be kept safe, no matter the situation.

But that brings up a different question: which department or individual should be in charge of buying, maintaining, and utilizing the eraser? Depending on your business hierarchical structure, the answer can differ. However, here are some potential options for you to remember:

  • Human Resources. This department is in charge of hiring and managing your workforce. As a result, it works directly with any employee who chooses to leave your company. These employees also tend to be the ones most in need of a hard disk erasure, so it might make sense to wrap it into your exit interview process.
  • Information Technology. The second natural fit is technological. IT is in charge of all servers and storage options, so why not place a hard disk eraser under their supervision, as well? The benefit of this option is that you can easily build a process of regular erasing into the management schedule within IT.
  • Local in Individual Departments. Finally, you may decide that your best choice is actually to keep a hard disk eraser in each department that might find itself in need of one. The major benefit here is rapid response: when you need to permanently erase any type of data storage, you can do so without the lag of having to cooperate with other departments.

Which of these options is best suited for you? Ultimately, the answer depends on both your preferences and set up. Ultimately, though, you need the right machine to make it happen. Contact us to learn about our hard disk erasers, along with other options to improve your data security.

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