Rackmount Hard Drive Destroyer hits the market

Phiston provides the first hard drive destroyer that is rack mountable and safe for workplaces, data centers and server rooms.

Newly developed, the MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer does more than destroy a hard drive by folding or punching a few holes in it. The proprietary 20-ton crusher and patented corrugated plates crush and grind the circular discs, known as platters, and the sensitive read/write heads, damaging every square inch of the media and destroying all data storage surfaces. The newest six Terabyte hard drives average six platters.

In less than 30 seconds, the machine can destroy a single 2.5 inch hard drive, a 3.5 inch hard drives, cell phone, circuit board, PDA or solid state drive.

Destroyed media falls directly into a secure debris collection drawer that holds up to 25 destroyed hard drives and other devices. A security pass code is required to open the drawer and remove the debris for disposal. This added layer of security provides the ability to control who has access to the debris and ensure it is properly disposed of by providing accountability.

Radio and electromagnetic interference at a minimum can interfere or damage sensitive electronics.

The case for the MVR-HDD reduces RFI and EMI to near undetectable levels with internal shielding, noise suppression circuitry and a heavy gauge steel case.

Additional features include:

  • The ability to be mounted in standard server racks
  • Complete media and data destruction in one package
  • Save money and time through in-house data destruction
  • HEPA filtration that traps airborne particles from debris
  • Highest health and safety standards for workers and the environment

To find out more about the MVR-HDD and our other products and services, contact us.

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