Purchase NSA Approved Hard Disk Crushers for Your Business

Every day, companies are trying their best to prevent private information from getting into the hands of cybercriminals. If you have sensitive information on your hard disks, and you want to decommission the hard disks, what will you do? If you dispose of the disks in a dumpster, social security numbers and credit card numbers can be accessed by intruders. If you want to be totally safe, you have to crush your decommissioned disk using a Hard Disk Crusher.

At Phiston, we provide hands-free automated crushing systems like the MediaVise Compact, MediaDice, or the MediaVise. Our company is a leading R&D manufacturing company that is registered in Florida to provide innovative data security products. We have engineered hard disk crushers that are developed with NSA standards. Private companies and governments use our products to protect from their data from security breaches. Our clients range from fortune 500 companies, private companies, and small to mid-sized companies. We offer a wide array of products that destroy solid state drives, CDs, flash drives, DVDs, magnetic strip cards, Blu Ray discs, cell phones, PDAs and other small electronic gadgets.

The Uniqueness of Phiston Products

Our media destruction products are designed to be stored in-house. As a business, you can install the destroyers close to the point where old storage devices are decommissioned in a server rack. You will be able to manage your sensitive data, without risking media devices from being handed over to a third party for recycling or destruction.

Our devices are patented to outclass any competing high-security data destruction device in the market today. They are portable and compact for easy deployment, and they are also easy to operate for safe waste disposal and management.

If you want to add another layer of data security in your organization, contact us today. We will guide you with the right recommendation of products that will help you to safely dispose of your storage devices.

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