Protecting Your Data With the Phiston MediaVise Rackmount

Once again the data disposal industry is being rewritten by Phiston Technologies. Their innovative MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer has set the new standard for hard drive destruction. The Phiston MVR-HDD grinds every data surface using 20 ton corrugated crusher plates leaving all data unreadable within 30 seconds. Its destruction capabilities have been categorized by the RCMP and NSA as completely irrecoverable data destruction. This is the first and only rack-mountable hard drive destroyer on the market today that has been classified for such high-security data destruction.

The destruction chamber is capable of destroying up to 1 full size HDD or 2 laptop HDDs at a time. It can also crush cell phones, circuit boards, SSDs, and PDAs. The process is completely automatic and hands-off operation. The crusher will not begin until the lock-out doors are closed. This prevents any hands, clothing, hair, or other materials to be caught in the destruction chamber. The HEPA filtration system traps any airborne debris particles and meets the MRV8 air quality standard. The Phiston MVR-HDD as a whole has met the highest standards for worker and environmental health and safety.

As the media devices are destroyed; the debris of up to 25 hard drives fall directly into a securely locked container. The container can only be accessed by an authorized operator with the security pass code. This keeps the data debris completely secure while you arrange for proper disposal.

Phiston machines are completely enclosed in a high quality, heavy gauge steel enclosure that provides internal shielding and noise suppression along with RFI and EMI reduction to almost undetectable levels. Those features simply are not possible with traditional machines encased in aluminum. The crushing plates never need replacement, and there are no blades that need to be sharpened or changed.

With 24/7 nationwide on call technical support and top quality machine materials, the MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer saves time and money by keeping data destruction in-house and under your control. Keep your data safe and contact us to meet the new standard for data destruction and disposal.

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