Protecting Your Data After Disposal With a Blu-ray Crusher

Everyone knows the importance of storing data for your company. Having reliable optical storage media is a given in the digital information age. However, how much thought have you given to keeping that data secure once the optical media is no longer needed? You can’t just throw that Blu-ray it in the garbage, it is too easy to recover information from discarded disks. Even if you break it into pieces it can be recovered with digital forensics.

If you are a company that stores private and/or sensitive information on Blu-ray you have got to have a complete destruction solution for your unwanted disks. There are a few devices on the market that claim to securely dispose of optical media. However, most of them do not meet the proper standard for complete destruction. Most of those machines employ methods such as grinding, embossing/knurling, and file deletion/erasure. These methods are les than complete when you are dealing with Blu-ray technology.

To be completely sure that not only the disk, but also the data, is destroyed irrevocably, you have to completely disintegrate it. Surprisingly, even that may not be enough. The National Security Agency has set forth specifications that represent complete physical destruction which will result in data that cannot ever be recovered from the optical media. Unless you are meeting these specifications your discarded data may still be at risk.

Don’t let this news discourage you. There is, in fact, a device that can meet the NSA specifications when it comes to Blu-ray destruction. The MediaDice® Optical media destroyer is the answer!

This device is equipped with a hardened-steel knife mil, that aggressively chops, dices and disintegrates the media. Leaving particles with a 1.5mm edge and a surface area of 2.25mm2. These particles not only meet, but exceed by far, the NSA requirements. It is fully automated and has a built in vacuum for waste removal.

Not only will this unit dispose of your Blu-rays, but it can also be used on DVDs, CDs, and even magnetic stripe cards. This amazing machine is already in use by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who have given it their complete approval.

At Phiston Technologies, we not only carry this amazing piece of destruction technology, but many more as well. We specialize in the complete and secure destruction of almost every type of storage media on the market. We can help you find devices to destroy not only the above mentioned media, but also media ranging from micro SSDs all the way up to full hard drives! So contact us today. We can help you keep that sensitive information private by making sure it is permanently removed from existenc

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