Protect Your Information– How To Successfully Crush Your Hard Drive

Your hard drive is the central nervous system of your PC. It’s an external or internal component that stores your data. The information on your hard drive is sensitive and poses a threat to your security if placed in the wrong hands. In fact, you should never throw a computer away or simply try to crush the components yourself. The following guide briefly discusses the best way to discard your hard drive and properly get rid of your personal data. 

Today, providers like Phiston Technologies offers a hands-free crushing technique that totally obliterates your hard drive. Individual PC owners and large corporations with sensitive information including banks, government organizations, and schools are invited to feed their computer into our MediaVise Destroyer for an automated crushing solution. We’re committed to data security protection in response to the rise of data breaches. Our professionals understand the importance of securely destroying your hard drive and eliminating the threat of someone retrieving your personal data. In fact, crushing your hard drive prevents the recovery of your stored information. Our customers can also purchase products from us that will allow them to crush or shed their own hard drive at home or the office. 

Phiston Technologies is proud to meet The U.S. Department of Defense National Security Agency (NSA) specifications. With over 15+ years of experience proudly serving the public and private sector of the Miami area, we specialize in big corporations, but welcome small businesses too with a nationwide audience in 30 countries. We offer portable, rugged, but easy to operate products that meet regulatory requirements. Phiston Technologies are the pioneers in 5 key performance areas: 

  • simplicity 
  • safety 
  • attentiveness 
  • compact 
  • destruction standards 

Don’t run the risk of recycling your PC with your information in tact. You’re invited to contact us at Phiston Technologies for high quality products guaranteed to successfully destroy your hard drive and prevent the threat of a security breach. 

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