Protect Sensitive Information With A Blu Ray Crusher from Phiston

As technology designed for recording and storing information continues to evolve, so too must the security measures designed to protect that information.  Blu ray discs are no exception; given their ample capacity to store over 100 GB of data, it is important to ensure such contents are carefully protected at all stages of use. Secure handling measures must also account for the disposal of information and media.

While there are options to erase a Blu ray disc in order to reuse it, this is not the most secure way to handle the most sensitive information; if a used disc were to fall into the wrong hands, it is entirely possible for the information therein to be accessed.

A better solution is a blu ray crusher.

Phiston technologies has designed and entire lineup of media destruction devices, including, but not limited to, blue ray crushers. These high–capacity machines possess enough power to reduce large numbers of discs to dust in a matter of moments. Furthermore, they are safe and intuitive, starting with the push of a button, but only when the destruction chamber is securely closed. The best part? They are portable enough to be kept  in almost any workplace setting.

Anyone who regularly handles sensitive information and experiences a large volume of media turnover should strongly consider acquiring a blu ray crusher and other media destruction devices. The complete dismantling of outdated media storage modules is the only surefire way to prevent such information from being stolen. Don’t wait. For more information about Phiston Technologies’ various media destruction devices, contact us.

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