Proper Data Destruction

The value of information and data-related crime rate are constantly on the rise. Proper storage of data in secure formats and ensuring authorized access only is imperative as some of this information is sensitive and would have devastating consequences if it fell into the wrong hands. Any prudent data consumer would be careful as to how secure their data is against attacks such as hacking, data pirating, stolen or altered records, password and identity theft, data related fraud, and industrial espionage.

After your data is no longer required, its destruction, as a security measure, is just as important as its storage while in use. At Phiston technologies, solving such problems is the primary concern. Using innovation, research, engineering, and cutting edge technologies, they go beyond ensuring that your data is secure in its storage forms. Phiston technologies ensure that sanitation and destruction of storage media is in such a way that it renders the information therein unreadable and inaccessible.

One of the best inventions yet is the MediaDice, Phiston’s very own high-security optical media destroyer that ensures proper disposal of stored data. It has a 200 disc capacity (MD-OMD/A) autoloader and processes up to 700 discs per hour, each taking less than 7 seconds. It destroys Blu-Ray discs, thus is sometimes referred to as the Blu-Ray crusher. The MediaDice goes beyond other media sanitation methods like embossing, manual grinding, and data wiping. These methods are not 100% effective against Blu-Ray discs. The crusher guarantees 100% effectiveness such that not even digital forensic technology can retrieve data from Blu-Ray. It also disintegrates other optical media storage formats like DVD, CD, and magnetic strip cards found on driver’s licenses, bank cards, and ID badges

Data security breaches are a threat to any stored data format when improperly destroyed. At Phiston, our patented devices ensure its sanitation to the National Security Agency Standards. You especially cannot go wrong with the MediaDice Blu-Ray crusher. For more information, contact us.

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