Prevent Data Recovery of Discarded Solid State Drives

Solid state drives are increasingly used in the workplace because they have many advantages over traditional hard drives. As a result of having fewer moving parts, they have substantially faster read times than hard drives. They last much longer on average and as prices have decreased per gigabyte of storage, they have become more economical for use. One of their biggest advantages can also be a disadvantage in certain cases. Unlike traditional hard drives, the data on solid state drives is usually intact when an SSD does fail. This is good to prevent unexpected data loss but complicates matters when disposing of the drive. The internal construction of a solid state drive is significantly different than a standard hard drive’s magnetic platter. Data is stored on an SSD through the use of flash memory. Per, flash memory is defined as “a type of electrically erasable programmable read-only memory”. This basically means that data is stored in a group of memory cells that can be electrically erased. The best way to ensure data is unrecoverable is by physical destruction of the solid state drive. Since the memory units are so small, a different device is needed to discard a solid state drive than one which is used to destroy a hard drive.

With our proprietary MediaDice, MediaVise, and V-Spike series, Phiston has a variety of units to assist a business of any size in safe disposal of solid state drives. Our MediaDice line,MediaDice SSD Disintegrator makes use of a continuous cycle knife mill that will chop the media into small pieces 2 millimeters or less which are then vacuumed into a storage bin for safe removal. The MediaVise series, MediaViseSSD Destroyer, utilizes a hydraulic press with hardened steel teeth that puncture and pulverize the memory cells of the drive. The MediaVise SSD Destroyer is available in freestanding, compact, and rack-mount designs, depending upon your company’s needs as well as a higher capacity device, High Thruput SSD Destroyer, typically used by data centers and larger offices. For the ultimate level of data destruction, our V-Spike line(MediaVise Compact SSD V-Spike) uses the functionality of the MediaVise after delivering an electrical jolt to the drive to further ensure the data is inoperable.

Phiston Technologies has the right solution for high security data storage media destruction for businesses of all sizes. If you would like more info on any of these products, please contact us.

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