Press release MV-HTP

The latest in media destruction

Phiston Technologies has been your long-trusted supplier of data security and electronic storage destroying devices for years.  We are proud to announce the arrival of the latest solid-state media destruction, the MediaVise High Thru-Put Solid State Drive Destroyer or MV-HTP.  In-house media destruction provides an extra layer of security, since there is no way to intercept or misplace devices from the origination point to a secondary location.  All media is destroyed beyond any capacity of recovery on-site, with one machine.

How it works

The MV-HTP weighs in at 418lbs, and is capable of destroying 1200 SSDs per hour via manual feed.  That is up to one device every three seconds!  Media is destroyed by safely feeding SSDs into the device, where they are passed through two counter-rotating cylindrical arrays of hardened steel and interlocking teeth.  These teeth puncture the SSD front and back with a 2mm interval pattern, through plastic and metal casings, rendering each solid state device completely destroyed and unusable within seconds.  Without need to remove casings, the destroyed SSD is disposed into a self-contained removable waste bin for safe handling–up to 300 SSDs!  This feature eliminates exposure to sharp pieces, as well as harmful dust and particulates.

Other functions

The device is very quiet, measuring in at only 60 decibels–the OSHA standards for office equipment are set at 85db–which makes it suitable for office use in a limited space.  For additional safety, the MV-HTP features a reverse feed function as well as a non-emergency and emergency stop feature.  An LCD control panel provides ease of use. It is hardened against electromagnetic (EFI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), which allows it to function well with other devices in close proximity without risk of malfunction.

The MediaVise High Thru-Put SSD Destroyer is ideal for on-site destruction of:

  • Solid state drives
  • CD/DVD/BluRay
  • USB/Flash drives
  • CPI Cards
  • Credit cards/magnetic strip cards
  • ID/Chipped cards
  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • Many more!

When it comes to complete data security and SSD destruction, you cannot go wrong with the MediaVise MV-HTP.  Contact us if you would like to know more about how Phiston Technologies can provide for the ultimate in data destruction and solid state drive security.

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